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genuinely the most incredible trip I've ever been on, I'm so grateful and lucky to have been able to go on this trip and enjoy japan and everything it has to offer :)

also yes i've been diagnosed since this video, thank you for asking

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago

The ADHD diagnosis surprised no one. 😅

1.6K |


2 months ago

What a whirlwind! We're glad you had a great time! 🤗

45K |


1 week ago

Seeing this video after the ADHD video… you can tell 😭

556 |


1 week ago

I love how this video is basically 10 minutes of Pokémon, and the rest is “I AM A NERD AND ADDICTED TO THIS BEAR I FOUND”

351 |


2 months ago

Jacob getting called Sanji is wild 💀

33K |


2 months ago

Imagine being a TSA guy in Japan and you see two tourists come through with eight suit cases and multiple backpacks. They load it onto the X-ray machine and you see HUNDREDS of cute little plushies and merchandise slowly cart its way through on the monitor.

8.8K |


2 weeks ago

I betcha that one kid's family will be joking about that interaction for years. And now it's immortalized in animation lol

271 |


2 weeks ago

Going from the "I was diagnosed with ADHD! to this video everything makes sense.

314 |


2 months ago

I love the flat out admission of "Gengar is my favorite so we draw him a lot"

8.1K |


2 months ago

Oh my goodness. That person who liked Mantyke got their wish, Mantyke got a new card AND an Art rare. That’s adorable

21K |


1 week ago

"Who do you think we are?" "People with self control?" Favorite line EVER

84 |


1 week ago

I don’t even watch One Piece but that kid seeing Alpharad and thinking and verbally saying he looked like Sanji is just so funny and cute. 😭😭

24 |


2 months ago

i love this era of jaiden promptly forgetting about her youtube channel for a while and instead doing all sorts of wacky side quests. she seems to be having a lot of fun!

45K |


2 months ago

The Pokemon Company would not have ever expected Jaiden to be such a high contributor to Japan's economy

9.5K |


1 week ago

5年前の動画がオススメに出てきて、こちらも見ました。今回はアニメ三昧でしたね!ちぃかわ中毒っぷりがやばいwww ガチャのくだり笑いが止まらんかったww 気持ちが伝わる表情が最高!全力で日本を楽しんでくれてる様子を見て、私までハッピーになりました。力作動画ありがとう!

30 |


1 week ago

Hearing about your burnout during the trip is so real! I'm autistic, and having THAT MANY new things happen THAT fast with THAT MUCH socialization would kill me. I'd have to retire to the woods and live as a hermit for 10 years to recharge. I totally get having a ton of fun and loving the experience while also not being ok afterward 😅

54 |


2 months ago

I love that you portray the entire Pokémon company as Ball Guy, that is everything

9.4K |


2 months ago

31 minutes of full animation in just a few months is dedication I can’t even comprehend. It takes roughly 2 years to make a full animation from scratch and the fact that Jaidens team finished this in such short time is beyond enough. Jaiden and her team deserves a break. Phenomenal job!

16K |


2 weeks ago

1:18 Foreshadowing is a narrative device in which a storyteller gives an advance hint of what is to come later in the story. Foreshadowing often appears at the beginning of a story, and it helps develop or subvert the audience's expectations about upcoming events.

60 |


2 weeks ago

Nothing to be ashamed of girlie, you're healing your inner child and living every anime adult's dream. 👍

33 |

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